Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Now I Believe, The Spirit of Human - PART 1

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"They come, they go and no body knows"

Is the sentence above had been representing for everything? Surely not, I think! Because this incident is making me dizzy in thinking about it. How not, so far I never believed in spirits, start from good spirits until evil spirits.

Well, this is it…

I was in Palopo city when fasting holiday. I never think to have an incident like that, such events as described in the tagline above. Everything went as usual, start from car rides, eating and drinking.

Just call mom L’s house, when I was there I saw my old sister possessed by our aunt’s spirit who had preceded us. But not until my sister struggling like most people in general. But one problem always approach in my thought. That is how they can know many things? Although not all of them. Because they also have limits of ability. And in their world, also known levels of ability.

There are events that make me very impressed at the time. Where's the spirit advised us who were around her. At that time my mother told that my other old brother was one stupid child in act. And suddenly the spirit of our aunt scolded my mother and said, "Don’t ever say your child is stupid, it is very wrong action. In the future your children can really stupid as you as you have said”.

I still remember all those words. The original language is in Toraja language.  It sounds like this: "Da’mi bela kuai tu pia baga, baga tongan dako ke kapuai tu…"

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