Sunday, 3 October 2010

Now I Believe, The Spirit of Human - PART 2

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"They come, they go and nobody knows"

Continuing my previous article, this time I want to share my experiences from my village. Where is the our closest person turned out to be a bad manners man. Coerce demons to collect many things for his aim.

Very putrid his behavior, I think.

And now…

Now I know how they work, especially when they are bound by their employer. Apparently they were also tortured by their employers if what is commanded is not done. Like not being fed and being whipped. Because many awkward thing on my mind, so I tried to ask my other aunt who has a sixth sense. And she told me that there are two types of them.

First they are the spirits of the dead people. And the second is a made in genie, they have not real shape and has an evil nature. Their world also too complicated. Maybe that is why we called them as ……………spirit

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